Shipping Policy
Usually, we ship orders within 40 minutes from the time order was placed. In situation (which rarely happens) where preparation of item/stock availability takes time beyond 1 hour, will be intimated to the customer. Once the order is shipped we inform customer with the tracking details. You can track all orders from Foodoyes!
Shipping Charges
All prices are inclusive of GST & Delivery is charged extra. it shall be shown at the time of checkout and consumers will know about this before making payments.
Packaging & Handling Charges
Packing & handling is done by the concern hotel.
In case of complaints regarding products that come with quality assurance from manufacturers, please refer the issue to the concerned brand manufacturer mentioned on the package or let us know & we’ll help you regarding the same. For Restaurant Owner in case of payment did by mistake or in case of any payment related issues from Google Play Store or App Store, Foodoyes are not entitled to refund any amount. If it’s very crucial and any genuine problem is seen in our system than we can look into it and resolve the issue or issue refund. For Customer of Restaurant in case of payment did by mistake or in case of any payment related issues for food ordered with Foodoyes, we are not entitled to refund any amount. Restaurant Owner will be responsible for issue refund to customer for placed order in any case. We can only offer returns if a package was damaged during the shipping process or if the products are spoiled. In this case, please provide clear photos at
Our Delivery Partners: Ensuring Seamless Service
Foodoyes collaborates with trusted delivery partners, namely Porter and Quikr, to ensure the seamless delivery of your orders. It's important to understand that while we facilitate the delivery process, any issues or inconveniences that may arise during the delivery are the responsibility of our partner delivery companies.
As a food aggregator, Foodoyes is dedicated to connecting you with a diverse selection of restaurants and cuisines, simplifying the process of ordering food. However, the actual execution of the delivery, including timing, condition of the order upon arrival, and any related matters, falls under the jurisdiction of our delivery partners.
We recommend that you contact our customer support if you encounter any delivery-related concerns, as we're committed to assisting you and addressing any issues that may arise. Our focus remains on providing you with a convenient and enjoyable food ordering experience, while ensuring that the delivery aspect is managed by our trusted partners.
Cancellation and Delivery Policy
Order Cancellation by Users: You can cancel your order on Foodoyes within 5 minutes of placing it without incurring any charges. After 5 minutes, cancellation may be subject to a cancellation fee, which will vary based on the restaurant and the stage of order preparation.
Cancellation by Restaurants: In the event that a restaurant is unable to fulfill your order for any reason, they may cancel it. You will be notified immediately, and you will not be charged for the order.
Estimated Delivery Time: Foodoyes provides an estimated delivery time for each order, which is based on factors like the distance between the restaurant and your location, the complexity of the order, and the current order volume. Please note that this is an estimate, and actual delivery times may vary.
Delivery Charges: Delivery charges may apply to your order based on the restaurant's policy and your location. These charges will be clearly displayed during the ordering process.
Delivery Address: It is your responsibility to ensure that the delivery address provided is accurate and complete. Any issues arising from an incorrect address will not be the responsibility of Foodoyes.
Delivery Attempts: Our delivery partners will make reasonable attempts to deliver your order to the provided address. If they are unable to complete the delivery due to factors beyond their control (e.g., inability to access the building or contact the recipient), they will contact you for further instructions. If the delivery is unsuccessful after reasonable attempts, your order may be considered canceled, and you may still be charged.
Refund and Compensation: If there are issues with your order, such as missing items or incorrect items, please contact our customer support team within a reasonable time frame. We may offer refunds or compensation, depending on the nature of the issue.